Now the Beginning of Game Development, How to make games in unity 3d this approach, It make sense to learn Usability of game object with Get Component, There is various types of GameObject in unity 3d.

Types of Component in Unity 3d

If you see the inspector of any game object, How to Check the GameObject Component in inspector panel Steps as follows:

The sample of Inspector component, which is shown, when user click on GameObject
When Click On Game Object

As All Component are shown in inspector,


Sprite Renderer

RigidBody 2D

How to Use Transform Component with GameObject in unity 3d

Transform Component is simply used when user need to change the direction of any game object, either it would be the Rotation X Y Z, that is the vertex or Axis of transform that is easy and help to change the direction of any gameobject, if Developer need to use transform component who can just write simple code, GetComponent<Transform>, How to call transform component in unity 3d, Component.transform.

Transform Position: The position is used when we utilize X Y Z Coordinates.

Transform Rotation: The Rotation is used if developer needs X Y Z measure the degree.

Transform Scale: The Scale of the transform Along X Y Z.

How to use Sprite Renderer in unity 3d

Sprite Renderer when we use if we need simple GUI About any Game Object, Now if developers need to change the background Color, Then The Sprite Renderer will Help for the masking of Any Game Object.

How do we need to use RigidBody 2D

RigidBodies is set to continues Dynamic will use collision detection, And many use while making Script for GameObject.

how to use Rigidbodies – it is simple used when developers need to apply collision on game object with another game objects, its all strike of Collider, which we discuss in another part.

How do i know when to use a rigidbody-that is the concept of Kinematic and non-kinematic the collier and character controlling script, if terrain has FPS game object which is stay on a terrain how game-object collide with terrain, the simple thing is there is a Component of Rigidbody.


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