How To Check Invalid Clicks In Google Adsense : 

Check Invalid Clicks

we have such tremendous competition in the market that it becomes very challenging for bloggers to put out original yet quality content and after all the hard work they have done, it gets utterly frustrating when it doesn’t pay off.
 Every month bloggers acquire some income by applying advertisements within their websites but unfortunately, there are some unusual reductions which are most probably caused by invalid clicks. 

Why do we get invalid clicks : 

These clicks are usually caused to get maximum profit because some bloggers are unaware of complex algorithms and strict policies of Google that can find out almost every malicious act well not all invalid clicks are done by the site owner itself, it can be caused by: 
Click farms
How to check invalid clicks: 

Step 1: go to your Google AdSense dashboard.
Step 2: find the payments section.
Step 3: now go to view transactions

What’s normal and what’s not : 

now you would be able to recognize how much reductions you are receiving each month, if it is 1% to 2% it is quite normal and you don’t need to count that as a problem but if its growing day by day or it is likely to be more than 5% then you should be worried because there can be some major concerns which are causing that, though the methods of its prevention require whole different blog but sharing quite a few of them might help your queries.

How to prevent invalid clicks: 
Observe your traffic through Google analytics to see its sources
Observe your budgeting of adds
Maintain your website and account
Don’t use external plugins
Observe those keywords through which you get more invalid clicks 

Good luck!

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