No longer to demonstrate about, how to upload a video on YouTube, this sign is easy to understand, makes videos either record your screen, publish it on live.

  1. Sign up your channel
  2. At the top of page, click on upload
  3. Select upload a video
  4. select the video which you like to upload
  5. Give title of your video
  6. Put tags, which help to grow your channel
  7. Give complete Description of the video
  8. Make thumbnail put it on your video
  9. Use external tool, Tubebuddy for suggestion of anything
  10. Promote video on social media
  11.  Engage audience
  12. At the end of video just use water mark
  13. Share your channel about
  14. Suggest and say to subscribe your channel

This steps shows how to make a simple YouTube video which will helpful to promote and engage audience. 

For more detail watch this video: