If you think you have an SEO or PPC campaign, it all start from one basic element: Keyword research. Keywords are the driving force that enable web crawler and indexers buttoned up the swarm of your video in YouTube. in case if you choose the best keyword which target the audience, you need to do keyword research.

Keyword research is not only helps you determine which terms or phrase you’ll like to use, you need to use SEO campaign; it also help to predict and respond, to shift trends in the market. It enable to by audience can search it on search engine.

Determine what your product or service is all about

Your targeted videos should be related from you channel, we can say that the service you provide is relevant of you channel, what your product or service is all about that can be easy to understand that channel videos related to the keyword suppose that: you choose keyword is “happiness has no end” but video is about cutting lemons and some fruits, that mean this not relevant of your video, you just make fool to the audience.

Use Keyword Tools

Keyword tools are best to find the related video keyword, there is handy application and the best way to find keywords, tools are like:

5 Best Keyword Research Tools

  1. Google Adword
  2. Keyword Planner
  3. Keyword Revealer
  4. Keyword Tool.io
  5. MOZ Keyword Explorer

for more details watch this video:



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