How To Set Thumbnail on your YouTube videos ?

in this blog i will guide you how to set your thumbnail in your youtube videos.

Step 1)  go o the

step 2) Login with google account or facebook account

step 3) select youtube thumbnail layout

step 4) select free design of a layout

step 5) edit or design a simple thumbnail or may be attractive

step 6) download png or jpeg

How to make a attractive thumbnail for youtube videos ?

thumbnail is a small attraction of your videos and if your thumbnail is good so your video get more views, paste many as many images from google upload it on canva and make an attractive thumbnail according to the video keyword, people or audience just click on video according to the thumbnail attraction.

How To Setting and Uploading thumbnail ?

when your video was uploaded then click below thumbnail option then give the directory in your image path after your video publishing your image show on your video front, in below i mention a video follow this video steps, if any of query according to the video thumbnail, don’t be shy just give the comment below thanks