Assalam O Alikum Friends !

Today i will explain you about fiverr withdrawals when you complete your order fiverr will show you have earn this order amount and fiverr percentage is 20% of every order so when you will complete orders fiverr take 20% of your order then next procedure is fiverr review your payment if your client is satisfied so fiverr give your payment in 20 days and if your client submit any ticket just like you fruad any client so fiverr check your work and cancel your order and your order payment will back return in your client account and now i will give you the best suggestion when you complete your order then said to your client if you have any problem let me ask and if client increase your work so you will tell to him please increase the budget of this order and make second order for other requirements when client doing any frauding so tell to fiverr and i hope you understand if you have any question comment below this post thanks