Assalam o Alikum !!

blockmine lunched new policy because some users doing compounding first of all i explain you blockmine is a investment business track it is not frauding track so that’s why blockmine lunched this system now if you want to start your buisness so purchase blockchain $$ and contact one blockmine user or using 100% fresh funds and old user sale $$ to new users and new user directly widthdrawl to blockchain and users are disturb why old user widthdrawl late and new members widthdrawl fast as i understand i am explain you actually old users using compounding. now i will guide to old members how you will widthdrawl your funds make a team and share your $$ in team then guide your team please make a widthdrawl to blockchain then your $$ will outsource then increase your team and your profit and guys if you like our blog so please join our website daily so we will try to give you best service through our blogs.