as u know that client first thing is check your profile review if your review is good so you will get many orders and fiverr give u levels and client give u direct projects and if you have bad reviews so client observing your more projects and said please make a sample for my project and u know sample project is majority free of cost so your time waste and you are getting late orders but question is that how we will get good review ?? let me expalin how you will get good review first of all understanding full project on inbox place then if you are sure you will do it so take project then when you completed your project then said your client please check peoject and if you face any problem in this project let me know then fix client buxs then client will be happy then client automatically give u full stars and good comments if he have anyother projects so he will not going anywhere he is using your services again and again if u have any questions about this post so comment below thanks