How to work on blockmine ??

First, you need investment in purchasing blockmine mining machines then you will create your account with your leader referral and Fill up the complete form then check your email so you will get some emails of blockmine then check one email is for transaction password.

when you will get turn password so it means your registration procedure has been completed then next log in your account and click weekly mining program then you will blockmine portal and blockmine introduce new features.

your leader easily activate your machine or you have another option purchase the $$ then go left sidebar gift code option then you will see one page select your package to enter your password and Gmail turn password then click the last button.

then you will see your gift code then copy this gift code and go to left sidebar upgrade account then paste your gift code then again enter your blockmine password and turn password then click the last button then go dashboard.

check this “Total Top Up Amount” then you daily watch 8 ads then your registration will be successfully completed thanks.